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Welcome to Sian Marine Web site!

Our Company offers our clients a  wide range of crew members with different qualifications of various ranks. Our database consists of nearly 5000 people from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and other ex-soviet countries.

Should you make a request from Sian Marine, we will provide the best selection of candidates, whose experience, documents and English will fit a specific vacancy on a specific vessel.

Company's Profile:


Sian Marine Crewing Agency, was founded in 1996. Our company is located in Sevastopol (Crimea), one of the main ports in Ukraine, traditional home city of thousands of seamen. We have one of the most extensive databases of Ukrainian seamen. 90% of these seamen have prior experience working for international ship owners. We are able to fulfill requests for seamen of all ranks

Sian Marine is a promoter of the cadet program. We sign agreements with many Ukrainian marine schools and colleges in order to select the best students to be employed by foreign shipping companies. This program enables shipping companies to grow up future generation of employees, and gives opportunity to young specialists to make the first step of their future career.


Sian Marine Crewing Agency has:

bullet A ten year successful experience in working as a crewing agency and is officially licensed.
bulletA variety of database of seamen thousands of ratings and officers.
bullet A database with English-speaking seamen.



Sian Marine Crewing Agency is:

bulletAn official partner of many Greek Shipping Companies.
bulletCollaborative in  agreements with other agencies for search of highly specialized seamen.
bulletProviding all arrangements for entry visas for on/off-signing seamen


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